For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x
Let's disappear
and see who would notice
who would care about you
who would feel lonely 
without your presence
who would feel empty
without your jokes
who would feel heartless
without your love

Let's disappear
and see who is worth the while
cause if you're worthy
they will notice and search  for you
even to the edge of the world
cause if you're worthy
they won't bear to see your tears
cause if you're worthy
they would come back for you
cause if you're worthy
they'd hate to see you suffer 
cause if you're worthy
they will make time for you

Let's disappear
Get lost to any place that has no living
Only you and the nature
Only you and the air
Only you and yourself
And let's see who really cares about you.
Let's see.

It's been a long time since I wrote something. So yeah now I'm 18 and I'm a step closer to 'alam universiti'. To be honest, there's so much thoughts wandering in my mind. Sometimes I don't know how to express. I guess by writing I feel a lot better. So much better.

To those people who have been hurt by me. I never meant to hurt you. I know how it feels to feel abandoned, forgotten or pushed away. I clearly know that so please don't tell me what I'm good at and what I'm not. I cry for a reason I love for a reason and yes I leave for also a reason. I did everything for a reason. Or reasons. But obviously I'm not that type of person that leaves forgets or abandons something for no reasons. I have my own reasons. I am. Though you can't see it or feel it or know it, God did. God knows what I'm doing and He sees and forgives everything. Have you ever heard that when you sacrifice something, you didn't lose it. You're just passing it to another who deserves it so much better than you do. And now I figured it out. Yes I did. And I know someday you will.


All people deserves this. All human deserves this. All creatures deserve this. All sinners deserve this. In case you don't know how value happiness is to someone. Let me tell you. You're lying if you say you don't have those precious persons in your life. Imagine life without them would be empty and cold. What if they're gone and you'd feel lifeless? What if they're taken away you'd be cold for the rest of your lives? Those what if questions keep replaying in your mind over over and over again. Then you'll know they're special right? A simple example is your family or best friends or the one who could make you smile. So how does it feels like to tell your heart to stand strong if one day they're gone? Tell you the truth, you can't even bear it even for a second. Every step, every breathe, every second, every hour you'll find how much the pain overtook your life. So please, even if you hate someone at one point you want them dead or kill them with your bare hands, just please DON'T TAKE THEIR HAPPINESS in every way you think you could. Find your own happiness and cherish those memories okay? :)


"How does patience do this? Patience is linked with hope and trust in Allah. When something bad happens, we can force ourselves to be patient by reminding ourselves that with hardship comes ease and that after a period of hardship Allah gives relief. We can only be truly patient when we realize that everything is from Allah, and that is how everything is illuminated. It is the opposite of darkness and impatience. Impatience is darkness because it frustrates us, we can behave rashly and we do not see the wisdom in the delay. The Prophet ﷺ said “And whoever remains patient, Allah will make him patient. Nobody can be given a blessing better and greater than patience.” (Bukhari)"

                You have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient ♡

2014 taught me so much. Things I have never even imagine would be a part of my life. I learn how important is to let go, stay rooted, be patient, show those important persons how much they're priceless, have faith when things go wrong, trust when you're still can, love when you're capable to stay. And all that matter is I have find my way and I'm glad God shows me that way. So, don't you want to find yours too? :')

I have her and may I will always have her. She's always there for me and she accepts me for who I am. I'm so glad to have her. Cause she's one in a million candle light. And baru baru ni kita orang pergi tta. Tta stands for taman tengku anis. And of course sampai sampai tuu enjoy giler kott. Jadi macam budak kecil balik. Main buaian sana sini. Hahah. And time naik atas jambatan kecil yang sambungkan slide ke slide tu, ada budak kecil nii comel comel comel. Sumpah taleh tengok orang comel ni, melting habis *awwww* termasuk la awak yang baca ni. ahaaa -.-

Anyway, we manage to go there at last! Tak sia sia kot penat lelah panas terik. hihihi. Finally tercapai juga hasrat aku. Ermm ermm. And as usual gambar kan memang taleh lari daripada perempuan ni. Hehe. And lasly, dah lama tak bahagia macam ni. Thank God for everything. I never meant to be selfish but I enjoyed my life and you should enjoy yours too! Keep smiling :)

I know right. Ada muka menyampah and hepi and sedih? Haha. Idk. Well, that's us women xx

p/s : I had so much fun. Just by looking at the sun, I could barely live again. Thank you.

Hai (: pelik kan smile terbalik gini? haha i know right -.- apa pun this is me again nak citer pasal cuti raya cina. Bahagia sangat-sangat last-last dapat jumpa along. Rindu gila gila gila kot sebelum ni. Hihihi. Terubat juga rindu akhirnya. And ceritanya is kita orang pergi Ganuu Kitee. Haha. And guess what? We went to muzium terengganu! hahaha. can you believe? so lame tapi kalau nak banding dengan muzium kelantan, memang muzium ganu lagi molekk ^.^ Ingat ke bosan tapi best la pula dok ambil gambar sana sini. Girls ~ Biasa la kan. Tapi letih letih kott sampai mak kata macam orang tua sikit-sikit sakit urat! Hahaha totally agreed! Nak buat macam mana uuuu T.T

And then as usual kalau pergi ganu wajib makan otak-otak dengan satar. Bukan otak manusia or binatang just nama dia otak otak. hahaha. sakit perut *gelak*

Ignore muka yang nampak sakitt jeee -.-

Along kata aku pakai seluar tidur. But I don't care. Pakai je mwehehe :3

So that's all. Nak tulis panjang panjang bukan ada orang baca. Haha. Goodbye <3 nbsp="" p="">

Oh my god. Finally, I can open my blog! I totally forget my password and I thought I could just make a new blog but of course it will take some times.. I'm going to cryyyy *happy*

So here I am again on this new year! It's 2014 and recently I have just finished taking SPM papers. So I guess I'm now a free woman! Woman? Macam la tua sangat. Hahaha. So what I'm doing right now since I have nothing to do? Bukan macam dulu-dulu kena buka buku je. Sekarang buku pun tak pegang. Heh. Right now, since I have nothing to do, I'm busy taking care of Uitm's final year exam which means I'm a prefect. Bukannya prefect betul pon pembantu je. Best sangattt tauuuu. Jaga senior degree. But I'm too young nampak macam muka budak-budak. Nak tunjuk muka garang tak jadi, sengih macam kerang busuk je. *blushing*

And part yang paling best, I got awesome partners! Even most of them are my seniors tapi rasa rapat sangat. Kak farah, kak shahida, amirul and hakim (annoying sangat dia ni!) hahah. Diorang yang aku rapat sekali. And the worst part is when you have to walk  for 3 hours! 3 hours straight! Tapi mesti lah ada part yang mana aku banyak duduk daripada berjalan. hehe. Tapi bila kena ketua pengawas yang strict and unfriendly rasa macam s*** sangatt sebab memang takleh duduk langsung T^T So bersabar je la and terus berjalan supaya tak perlu dengar potpet potpet.

And my happy moment is when at some point rasa letih sangat jalan pun huyung hayang dah but still there's someone yang bagi senyuman ikhlas which can bring back my happiness. Even, just a smile but it is so worthy. At that moment when I'm feeling so down and tired and lifeless *over dah ni*, and bila tengok orang senyum dekat kita rasa macam dihargai sangat tau. A smile means so much to me since I love to smile! Hihihi. So keep on smiling because a smile can bring you lots and lots and lots of joy and happiness :)

And my sad moment will be the last day of work. Even tak tiba lagi hari tu, but I think I'm going to be really sad, splitting with amazing friends and knowing that I'm not going to see them again :( Tapi kena sabar je la. Nama pun kerja. Rasa macam enjoy pula working ni even tired sangat. First time working and I felt huge burden on my shoulders. So this is how it feels to make money right? It ain't easy and it won't drop easily from the sky.

Ehem. I feel I'm more matured this year than before. Tapi baru 9 hari tahun ni so there are still 357 days left. I want to be matured. I don't want to be too pampered and easily heartbroken. Because I'm a sensitive girl and little things could hurt me. This sounds silly but that's me and I want to change. So wish me luck on this new year and have a safe journey for 357 days left!

#Gleeks xoxo

It's been a long time since I went here. I miss my blog. Sure I do but seriously, I don't have much time to spend typing something to post here. So.. I'm not sure the reason why I came here. Trial spm tinggal berapa hari lagi. Time flies so fast and I'm not sure if I'm ready for this. Cepat sangat Ya Allah. I'm so scared. And I don't know what to do right now. What if what if what if.. People say semakin dekat spm semakin banyak dugaan. The truth is, I want to change. You know what I mean. Tapi kenapa everytime nak berubah tak jadi? Selalu tak istiqamah je kalau nak berubah. Nanti masuk alam universiti macam mana? God, if only I could go back and stay young. I'm not going to be emotional. I'm not. All I want to say is I'm scared and I've been searching what's the best for me. Rasa macam petunjuk daripada Tuhan tak dapat lagi.. Selalu je stress entah sebab apa. Silly things nak emo. Silly things nangis je kerja. So God please just give me some light and the right path for me to go ahead.

Yours and only,

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Bunyi macam berita la pula. So, here I am going to story mory pasal hari sukan sekolah yang mana berlaku yesterday. And yes pesko tahun ni paling paling paling meletihkan. Since aku terlibat dalam jualan and perbarisan, rasa macam orang paling kalut dalam dunia. Haha. Sampai awal pagi terus angkat meja untuk gerai persatuan ni. Kalut sangat-sangat sebab tak biasa menjual kan. Hihi. Menu kitaorang waffle aiskrim, bihun sup, bihun goreng dengan float.

As always, float yang paling laku. Habis 3dozen kot. Mujur je ada orang baik hati tolong belikan *winkwink*. Mujur juga yani ada, tolong belikan sekali lagi. And yes, waffle yang paling menyedihkan. Sebab satu je pembakar yg boleh guna, jadi budak-budak pun tak ramai dtg sebab lambat. Rasa nak menangis ada. Tapi, sabar je la.. Mujur bihun sup dan float laku. Hihi.

Then, untuk perbarisan rumah. Well, seperti yang biasa, I'm still stick with Rumah Ungu. And tahun ni rumah ungu tema universe. Which are bulan, bintang, matahari, alien and astronaut. Had to mention that astronaut was the most 'menonjol' dalam ramai-ramai. Lawak sangat balut dengan aluminium foil dan pakai topi keledar. Creative kan? Tapi, malangnya kitaorang dapat hadiah saguhati je. Taktahu silap dekat mana, tapi kitaorang dah bangga sangat-sangat sebab kitaorang pelik dari yang lai >.<

Selepas siap perbarisan tuuu, terus kejar ke gerai. Sebab nak habiskan stok, terpaksa la jual murah 'sikittt je' air float dengan bihun. Haha. Lawak gila kott ahli persatuan yang menjual ni asyik dok pekik pekik 'bihun sup siya setengoh, boleh tambah bihun'. Sampai kering tekak tapi alhamdulillah sebab laku slepas tu. Float last-last habis juga. And jeng jeng jeng duit kitaorang kutip RM974 entah berapa sen (tak ingat) Hihi. So, this was our last pesko (bagi budak2 F5) and yes, we had the most memorable experience. Sampai bila-bila pun akan ingat hari sukan 2013 ini!

Waffle aiskrim yang hancurrr. Haha x)

Besties forever ever ever ever sampai putus jari kelingking *joke* 

Astronaut terbaik! 

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