For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x

O'Yeah! New Year is coming! 2011. the year of the bunny! hop-hop:) hahaha. i maybe will love this year. i always love when it comes to new year. cause i can start everything new! like,, start a new life and got over with the past. that's what i want the most. forget the pain memories. so mannyyy arr~ can't count. hahaha. and, also. i'll still miss those good memories that i had in 2010. i will always keep that memories in my mind uhh~ hahahaha~ 

my determination this year? hurmmm. first, i want to start a new life. change my behaviour kott. hahaha. IDK la. and, focus on my study. PMR is a big exam so, i have to do it excellent! hurm.. lagy-lagy? still thinking..
entahhhh ar. yg tu jer kott. ohh yeah. one more. seriously, i don't want any trouble with boys this year. any type of trouble. hahaha. 

and, also. arhhhh. i just miss my sis at Leicester. hope can see her next year. act, want her to bring me a lot of pressies. (kiddin') i think that's all la. not so good in speaking english. just try~ yeah, who knows when i get older, i'll be the president of U.S.A~ :)

P.S : PMR this 2011, i will do my best and beat the rest! FIGHTING! :D

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