For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x
after read someone's blog, i want to express THIS too. LIFE. i hate my life and i love it. when it comes to problem, i really do hate it. cry,cry,cry. that's all i do. but, sometimes, when i cry, i feel relieve. feel soooo much better than before. so, that's when i think, crying is not so bad at all. crying can make all your tension goes away. when your eyes already fill with tears, don't hold it. just let it flow. in your life, u decide what to do. so, just do it and ignore what people say.

 yeahh. i have to admit. eventhough i cry a lot about this crazy life's problem, i do still love it. life is precious. i know. once in a lifetime. so, live ur life while you still have:)

actually, just want to post about these 'life' things. hahahaha. so, don't regret what you do cause to regret deeply is to live afresh! :) goodluck:D

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