For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x


please YOU, that steal my purse, please give it back! you stupid damn fool! who the hell are you to throw my identity card in the fish pond, HUH?!!! seriously, i will never ever ever forgive you for the rest of my life if you didn't return it back to me ~ PLEASE! that purse is really precious to me and furthermore there's something in that purse that belongs to my friend. i have to give her thing back you know. why you just can't understand the owner's feeling?? say, if you are in my place, will you ever get hurts like me too? of course you will you bloody moron! 

so, my point is, whoever that take my purse, please give it back. just RETURN it. please please please and please! for God's sake, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU THAT STEAL MY PURSE??!! waaaaa! i want to cry so badly but i know i can't 'cause when i start to cry, there's no way i will stop. ;(

P.S - please please please, give it back! ;(

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