For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x
tonight, i just want to go to the past. i want to fix everything that i have done. i want, i want the old you. i want our friendship back. i want my notifications full with your name only. i want to see the green button of yours. i want to be with you through happiness and sorrow. i want you to hear my thoughts, i want you to say 'senyumlah', i want you to know how i missed you so much, my friend .

where are you? you say you need time to relax your minds. i know, my words. affected you so much. i know. but still i just want you to be here. say something. silence kills me and this sorrow is too deep. i can't hide anymore how i feel. i just can't. how can i make everything goes back to normal ? i wish i could turn back the time . imysm .

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