For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x

hai , hai and hai . today is Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday . Thursday means . . result PMR ! haha , oh mai . semua orang sibuk update status dalam facebook pasal hari esok . aku ? berdebar juga tapi x der la berdebar sangat . haha , so which one ? berdebar atau tak ? i have no idea . harhar , maybe esok baru rasa berdebar , seriously , i'm afraid . takut dapat result rendah , mesti my parents akan kecewa . haihhhhh , looks like tomorrow i will cry again . huhu , wish me luck guys :) and also to all my friends , Girls' Avenue members , Good Luck ! and to YOU , i do want to wish you good luck but  i can't . i have no guts to say that . sorry and good luck . even if we're apart , you'll always be in my heart , GOOD LUCK FRIEND :D

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