For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x

see the title ? NEW . i just had a new haircut . haha , fuhh , jadi pendek dah la rambut . haha , simpan tahun depan pula . and tadi kat saloon tu , ada la budak laki ni , 11 years old , dia nk botakkan kepala dia . wow , first time tengok . hahah , kak dia kata dekat kak yg menggunting rambut ni , 'satu' . actually , i don't understand apa mksd '1' tu but my mum said '1' ni macam kategori nak botakkan rambut . '1' ni yg paling pendek . am i right ? haha . first time tengok tuhh after 15 tahun hidup atas dunia ni , maklum la , i don't have a brother . haha ^^

err , actually tak tau nak post pasal apa . but yeah , semalam baca blog Dik Yah , haha . kesian gila + sedih la juga . and , yeah time aku baca post yg dia tulis , kak aku join sekali . after baca post dik yah ter , kak aku kata , 'jahat gila lelaki ni' . haiisshhh , dah ada girlfriend tapi menggatal ngan pompuan lain . what type of guy is that ? and yeah , aku totally agree with my sis . and , i know who's that boy . but i guess boys are same . haha , nampak jer kat luar baik , kat dalam ? only God knows . people are people and sometimes we changed our mind .

suddenly , i remembered my stories . haha , cerita yg takkan lupa sampai bila2 . sometimes , i feel like my heart will overflow , the truth is , i want to move on with my life and forget everything that we've been through . i know this thing kills you as much as it kills me . and i know it's my fault . never mind , i'll find someone like you and i wish nothing but the best for you . good luck in your life . can you do me a favor ? please keep me in your memory as a friend . sorry for everything . i feel so guilty . i'm sorry , that's all i can say . sorry and always smile , like you always used to say , now it's all a memory .

Dear F , i miss us , i miss our conversations , i miss being your friend , i miss the day that i saw you , i miss everything about you . please be happy for me . if you want to find your happiness , i'll try to find mine too . always and forever , your friend :')

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