For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x

oh God , this is pain . how can i be strong .
how to let go . how can this be so hard .
i thought this is only for a moment , but for sure this is all so wrong .
can i ignore all my feelings and pretend like i don't have one ?
how can i fight all these feelings . how can i be brave enough to move on .
it feels like my heart has been locked and no one can enter it without having a key to my happiness .
please God , make me strong . make me forget everything . everything 'cause everytime i remember those memories , i will cry . crying is more painful than anything . i don't want to cry , but the tears just can't stop from falling . please , how i wish i can read your feelings but i know it's impossible . i'm possible is nothing . the truth is , this is so wrong and even you know that . why keep pretending like nothing happens ?
and the silence just kill me . you can keep pretending but i can't . i'm sorry for everything that i have done . i'm just so sorry but i can't keep pretending . i just can't . #nanimo wakattenai , F .

i know i have to let go . and for us , lets be honest  .

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