For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x

oh God , why me ? :'(
this is more painful than i can imagine of . 
i'm sorry . for . everything .

i'm falling apart , i'm barely breathing , with a broken heart that's still beating , in the pain there is healing , in your name , i find meaning . so , i'm holding on . this is so painful . i tried to forget , and time will heal this , it's hard . i wish this was a movie . i wish i could turn back the time . i'm so sick and tired listening to the sound of my tears . how i wish this was only a dream and when i woke up , everything will be normal as we all wish to be . i'm sorry for everything , i'm sorry , that's all i can say . i'm sorry :(

i'm sorry , F . i'm so sorry , sorry .


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