For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x

i guess i won't let go. i know i won't. i guess i won't give up. i'm confidence with my decision and i hope this is the right thing to do. waiting isn't so painful i guess. at least, i'm not giving up yet. this wasn't so easy but i'll try. trying is better than not doing anything, right ? actually, i've done so many things, but it just didn't work out. i guess i have to keep trying. keep trying and keep trying.

btw, i still love my bffs. they're my soul and no matter what happen, i won't let anything take them away from me. i do love you guys and you. please remember, i won't change and i'll always pray for that. and even if one day i've changed, don't get too shock, people change. and so do you.

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