For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x

you know that moment when someone is in your head and you're trying to push all the memories away. it hurts. more than you can imagined. and you know that moment when you're holding yourself from crying, close your eyes so that your tears won't fall. that's hurt too. and you know that moment when you're missing someone that you shouldn't and that person is your own best friend, and that person doesn't even thinking about you. you're such a fool. you know you want someone who was worth fighting for. you know you want someone who completes you. one is shy, one is loud. one is gentle, one is hard. a person who would do anything to have you, and a person who would cry for you. a person who gives you joy, not pain.

that moment when you feel like giving up, but still your heart won't do. and that moment when your heart is lost and you can't find it back anymore. and that moment when you have to forget everything and stand strong even you've lose your heart once or twice :)

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