For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x

hey guys :) so hows day? 'cause today is holiday, my oldest sis brought me and my youngest sis to Tutti Frutti. seriously, banyak la juga ambil aiskrim. org belanja kan, mesti laaa xD aku ambil aiskrim guava and topping marshmallow, gummy bear, nata de coco, chocolate chip, colourful rice and tambah strawberry syrup. haha, best kot :P

then, tadi ada berita dr Ada (the sixth daughter from Azman's family) yg dia dpt nombor 3 dlm pertandingan syarahan BI. Alhamdulillah, dapat juga nombor. well, dia bersyarah memang best tp dia speaks too fast sampai tak berbutir. you know, dapat nombor pon dah okay tuu dr x dpt no. langsung. tiba-2 teringat zaman persekolahan rendah aku dulu. wow, rindu gegila kott :>

and hey, you there, yg maybe baca ni or maybe tak, just wanna say please take care. you know, after thinking back what happened to us, i don't think it's a mistake. there's always reason behind everything right? so, this is our fate, our destiny. please go to the right way not to the wrong way, you still have choices. i still care for you after what have you done to me. remember, be safe and always take care, bintang :)

 P/S : i still have your badge you know. that Night Before Christmas :>

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