For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x

the truth is, i have no idea what i should write. i want to write something but my heart won't let me. the thing is i'm tired. that's it. you know, how much i envy someone's life that's far better than me. i get so jealous of them. sometimes, i'm wondering. why i can't be like them? why did my life can't be as simple and easy like them? i guess i'm jealous of their happiness. i never blame anyone for this. i know this is what they called fate. i've learned that you just can't fight fate. can i go back to those days? the days when i'm smiling because of a reason not for nothing. a true smile and yet not a fake one. can i? i miss everything. can i have them back? i'm thankful for everything but sometimes, being thankful is not enough. i just need someone who i can trust. if you're my friend, you won't do this to me. i have seen, so clear that i will never be a friend to you. you said that we could be friends? that is a big fat lie. you're a big fat liar. and for God's Sake, i just hate you. it happens. like i just missed someone i shouldn't. it happens. it just did.

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