For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x
hey hey :) post today will be about Pesko. Pesko tu macam hari sukan la. haha. well, what can i say? great, awesome and excited. and i won't say something emotional in this post. please, i want to be happy for once. simple right?

and once again, i feel so alive. thanks to God for still giving me that feeling. and, ipah pon dtg time pesko and so sad 'cause aku tak sempat ambil gmbr dgn dia. and now, dia daftar msk sklh Ahmad Maher. waaa, now i miss her. and then, makan banyak gila and not to mention, of course duit pon habis bnyk. lol. and i feel like i'm getting fat. exercise? not my style. i know i'm lazy :P

so, jom tengok gambar as i was too lazy to write more :>

they're my soul and no one can take them away from me. no one.

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