For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x

hey. so i just watched Taking A Chance On Love at Diva Universal. first, i thought it'd be boring but seems like i was wrong. i have seen such movies at Diva. The Lost Valentine isssss my favourite love story movie i have ever seen. and Titanic of course my 2nd 'cause for sure i cried lots when i watched The Lost Valentine. okay, back to the movie i've just seen, it's about strength, hope, miracle. i cried a bit, at the end of the movie (it's always the ending that makes you wanna cry) when the two fall-in-love people seeing each other again after 40 years passed. you know, when you watch these sorts of movies, not just about love, maybe friendship, you'll be thinking back what have you done at the past. and then, you flashback the pain you have suffered, the miserable moments that you wished you'd escaped. and i have to say, this movie taught me a lesson. it's all about taking chances and the strength that you have to gain to escape from the past.

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