For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x

sebenarnya, manusia cepat sangat berubah kan? even aku pon berubah. and the truth is, semuanya perit. kehidupan sangat-2 memeritkan. everything kills me inside and outside. i don't know how to escape from this battle. it hurts. hell yeah, the pain in my heart is too overwhelmed. sometimes, i even wonder, what it feels like to be a bird. that could fly freely in the sky. and don't have to worry about anything. i'm worried, confused with myself. i'm suffocating from my own world.. i don't know what to do. someone, please teach me. please guide me to the right way. i'm screaming from inside and now i'm looking for someone to shine on me :')

most ardently.

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