For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x
Haii. Too late for me to wish Happy New Year? I should wish Happy Chinese New Year instead of Happy New Year right? Lol. Btw, I'm so busy right now that I don't have much time to spend with my blog. School is awesome since I'm form 5! Wuhuu, I feel like I'm bigggg enough to control lower form students. And, as for the society, I'm the chairwoman. Sounds big right? And for the sports, I play netball which I'm not really professional at. But, really I can surf or dig the ball so hey no problem. Hehe.

Lately, I've been to Terengganu for my cousin's wed. Oh my, what a terrible at there. I mean, at the kenduri. Such a disaster. My youngest sister, cried at the wedding for almost an hour. And yes, it's so shameful to think about it. Such a crybaby. And at the kenduri, I'd the most disaster experience. Ada makcik sebelah aku ni kan, dia kentut. Dah la time makan nasi. God, aku ni macam nak muntah terpaksa tukar tempat duduk. Lantak la orang fikir apa pun. Alhamdulillah, sebentar je dok kat kenduri tu. Hehehe :p

 Yellow girl.

And for my love life. Ececece. Do I have one? Ermmm. Ada kott tapi let's keep as secrets for now. This perfect guy who made my day. Thank you for being such a patient when with me. I guess that's the most unique about him. He just couldn't get angry with me or else I might cry. Now who's the crybaby? Hihi. So, this new year, I'm going to be STRONG. And as for my Spm, I'm going to put more energy! Yoshh, let's do it together. Forever till eternity xxx

New Year's pictureeee! Even sebulan lebih tarikh tempoh, still valid kan? Kekekeke ><

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