For she is his poet and he is her poetry - Lang Leav x
Oh my god. Finally, I can open my blog! I totally forget my password and I thought I could just make a new blog but of course it will take some times.. I'm going to cryyyy *happy*

So here I am again on this new year! It's 2014 and recently I have just finished taking SPM papers. So I guess I'm now a free woman! Woman? Macam la tua sangat. Hahaha. So what I'm doing right now since I have nothing to do? Bukan macam dulu-dulu kena buka buku je. Sekarang buku pun tak pegang. Heh. Right now, since I have nothing to do, I'm busy taking care of Uitm's final year exam which means I'm a prefect. Bukannya prefect betul pon pembantu je. Best sangattt tauuuu. Jaga senior degree. But I'm too young nampak macam muka budak-budak. Nak tunjuk muka garang tak jadi, sengih macam kerang busuk je. *blushing*

And part yang paling best, I got awesome partners! Even most of them are my seniors tapi rasa rapat sangat. Kak farah, kak shahida, amirul and hakim (annoying sangat dia ni!) hahah. Diorang yang aku rapat sekali. And the worst part is when you have to walk  for 3 hours! 3 hours straight! Tapi mesti lah ada part yang mana aku banyak duduk daripada berjalan. hehe. Tapi bila kena ketua pengawas yang strict and unfriendly rasa macam s*** sangatt sebab memang takleh duduk langsung T^T So bersabar je la and terus berjalan supaya tak perlu dengar potpet potpet.

And my happy moment is when at some point rasa letih sangat jalan pun huyung hayang dah but still there's someone yang bagi senyuman ikhlas which can bring back my happiness. Even, just a smile but it is so worthy. At that moment when I'm feeling so down and tired and lifeless *over dah ni*, and bila tengok orang senyum dekat kita rasa macam dihargai sangat tau. A smile means so much to me since I love to smile! Hihihi. So keep on smiling because a smile can bring you lots and lots and lots of joy and happiness :)

And my sad moment will be the last day of work. Even tak tiba lagi hari tu, but I think I'm going to be really sad, splitting with amazing friends and knowing that I'm not going to see them again :( Tapi kena sabar je la. Nama pun kerja. Rasa macam enjoy pula working ni even tired sangat. First time working and I felt huge burden on my shoulders. So this is how it feels to make money right? It ain't easy and it won't drop easily from the sky.

Ehem. I feel I'm more matured this year than before. Tapi baru 9 hari tahun ni so there are still 357 days left. I want to be matured. I don't want to be too pampered and easily heartbroken. Because I'm a sensitive girl and little things could hurt me. This sounds silly but that's me and I want to change. So wish me luck on this new year and have a safe journey for 357 days left!

#Gleeks xoxo

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